How wide does the tie need?

Men wearing a tie is an image of the highlight, when in some grand occasions, need to dress formally, people will think of wearing a tie, as if the tie is a formal and solemn spokesman.But when you think about wearing a tie, do you stop to think that the width of the tie is also a decisive influence on the overall shape?

When you walk into the shop, you will find that in addition to the different colors, patterns and fabrics, you also need to choose the width of the tie. I also know that most people don’t have much feeling about the width of the tie. They may even feel it doesn’t matter that the width is Wider or narrower.

Width actually has different effects on everyone. Picking a tie is like choosing glasses. Different people have different needs. Every time, you should choose according to the situation at that time. The following three points can help you slowly learn how to choose the correct width, avoiding a tie ruining the mood of the whole morning.

So how wide does the tie need?


1.Compare the width of your coat first.

This is the easiest point to master, and the most traditional method, simply put, is to compare the tie with the collar of the suit. A wide neckline doesn’t go well with a narrow tie, and a thin neckline with a wide neckline is also odd. The most suitable tie is the one with the same width as the suit collar. The actual measurement method is that the width of the tie is similar to the width of the suit collar. So the past big brought a suit like Wall Street that is only suitable for office worker with more than three and a half inch of traditional tie. And more recent suits have been slimmer and narrower collars, so the term skinny tie was invented in the early days.


What if you don’t plan to wear a coat?

If you can’t compare it with a coat, you can use the collar of the shirt as a comparison. The reason is similar, the thin collar shirt does not have a wide tie, and the wide tie can not be hidden under the collar. If the tie is too wide, the shirt collar will be more unsightly. But on the contrary, a shirt like a wide collar requires a wide tie to balance that big collar.


2.Compare with your body shape

Normally, a wide tie would suit a wide body, And a narrow tie is usually suitable for a slim man. Of course, there are also people with a fat body who wear a narrow tie will look good, but this kind of practice will also require the calculation of the tailoring ratio of the suit and other factors, so the matching skills will be higher. But usually I think a three-inch tie is suitable for most people.

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3.Finally, match the occasion

More traditionally, wide ties are more solemn, and thin ties are just fashionable but not suitable for formal occasions. However, according to my opinion, I don’t think there is a clear distinction in modern times. The fashion shape can also be solemn, and at the same time, it will not appear too casual in serious occasions.


Post time: Jul-24-2019